Google has released Chrome Beta 57 – version 57.0.2987.19 – for Android devices. The latest version brings with it several new features, the important ones being improved media notifications, full-screen media orientation, and WebAssembly support.

Chrome Beta 57 brings new features

Let’s take a look at the new features that are part of the latest Chrome Beta 57 (version 57.0.2987.19) –

1. Improved media notifications

For now, Chrome shows notifications when playing video or audio. But these notifications are basic – in the sense that they only contain a play/pause button and other basic functionality. With Chrome Beta 57, developers will get additional control over media notifications as part of enhanced support for Media Session API. With this, developers will now be able to add the title, artist, album and more info to the notification. The improved media notifications are known to work well on Android Wear as well.

2. WebAssembly Support

WebAssembly basically gives web apps more control over low-level operations. Web applications that weren’t feasible with JavaScript will now begin to make their appearances. The enhanced WebAssembly support gives more control than JavaScript.

3. Full-screen Media Orientation

With Chrome Beta 57, tapping on the full-screen button on a video will match the screen orientation with video orientation. When your phone is in portrait mode, tapping full-screen on a widescreen video will make your phone flip to landscape mode.

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4. CSS Grid Layout

Since sites are increasingly being accessed on screens of all sizes, from large LCD TVs to tiny watch faces – CSS Grid Layout becomes important. CSS Grid supports a two-dimensional grid-based layout system, optimized for responsive user interface design. Elements within the grid can be specified to span multiple columns or rows. Elements positioned in a CSS grid can also be named, making layout code easier to understand.

Deeper Progressive Web Apps (PWA) integration is also part of Chrome Beta 57. You can download the latest Chrome Beta 57 – version 57.0.2987.19 – from APK Pure.

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