The roller coaster of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt seems to have been taking a new turn every single day, with rumors on Brad Pitt’s alliances with ex-wife, Jennifer Aniston, and Marion Cotillard till his questionable parenting style, the story just does not end. But this time it’s not Brad Pitt, it’s the Tomb Raider star, Angelina Jolie and her rumored alliance with none other than, The Mummy star, Tom Cruise.

Got a shocker, yes we did too. It’s rumored and quoted by National Enquirer, that both Angelina Jolie and Tom Cruise are “secretly dating”. How did this happen, well, it appears according to the magazine that both the actors met on a Scientology meet to discuss a new possible project which later turned into something romantic. Well, the possibility of it cannot be denied since both the actors are single now and have been facing a turbulent life since a long time and it would somewhat make sense of them coming together.

Tom-Cruise-Anjeina-Jolie dating

But there is another story as narrated by Gossip Cop, as the magazine mentioned that the rumors are not true and they are not dating or having any secret meetings. The magazine has tagged the rumors as bogus and has also highlighted that the rumors are coming from unreliable sources further making it a gossip.

Well, as much as we would want this to be true, nothing of it appears to be confirmed as yet. There is no official statement from either of the stars, neither there is any statement given by a reliable source. Turns out we will have to claim that these are still rumours no matter how much we want it to happen. Stay tuned with us for more updates as we shall be updating this space soon. Keep up!


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