In the next few days, Android users will have something to look forward to for the Pokemon GO game. This is because later this week, Niantic will be releasing a new update for the game targeting Android users worldwide. Furthermore, a recent data mine revealed that apart from the update, Android players will also get a pleasant surprise.

According to Blasting News, on the next update of Pokemon GO, Android users will be able to use a promo code that they can then exchange for a special item. To redeem the promotional codes, users will need to follow the steps below.

How to redeem the promo code?

The redeem the promo codes, users must first click on the Main Menu button. From here, the next step is to press on the Shop button. At the bottom of this screen, users will see a text box that says “Promos.” And once you have entered the code, press the button that says “Redeem Code.”

What can you get for the promo codes?

There are rumors that Niantic will be including all sorts of items for the promotional codes. Some of these items include Lucky Eggs, Poke Balls, and Lure Modules. The developer is yet to make an official announcement on the complete list of items that can be gained with the promotional codes.

When can I start using these codes?

At the moment, we are only waiting for Niantic to officially release the promotional codes. However, they are already available and are just waiting on the developer’s final instructions. Chances are, the promotional codes will be made available following the release of the newest Android update later this week.

Are you excited for the upcoming Pokemon GO update for Android? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below.

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