In case you thought that the Google Chrome app on your Android phone was doing its work alone, you are wrong. Chrome uses a lot of different components so that it can display the content you want to see in other apps. One of those components is Android WebView, which is a system component and is powered by Chrome for allowing other Android apps to display relevant web content. Android WebView comes pre-installed in your Android device, and it is important that you keep it up to date so that you can get timely updates for bug fixes and the latest security updates.

android system webview

However, if you check out the Google Play Store page of Android WebView, you will find that a lot of people have been complaining about issues and errors with this component. Well, Google has been updating this component regularly, and users have acknowledged that it solves the problem to a great extent. A new update has been released for Android WebView, and this bumps up the version number to 48.0.2564.99 (256409950). The complete APK file measures 46.33 MB and requires Android 5.0, at least.

No changelog has been provided with this update, but we can make out that a lot of bugs and security issues might have been added to this release. As this is an important system update, we suggest you to get this update right away. You can download Android WebView 48.0.2564.99 from the Play Store or from mirror sites like


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