The internet is overwhelmed with information on the forthcoming LG Nexus 5 (2015), and an earlier announcement from Korea stated that the device integrates a new fingerprint scanner. More details from Business Korea revealed that Google will make use of the launching event as a joint platform to release the pending Android Pay.

nexus 5

Tagged at the I/O developers conference as the successor to google wallet, the Google’s new payment processor will be playing a little game of catch-up right off the bat. Moreover, Apple Pay has been around for quite some time, and though Cupertino’s service is not yet established, it has some early advantages because the two biggest brands in the mobile technology are struggle once again.

Ahead of the 2015 model, the original Nexus 2015, which was made by LG, is remembered with the feelings by devotees of the Google Nexus brand. As LG’s own fingerprint scanner is around the corner, it appears to be a major reason for Android Pay’s long-awaited introduction. According to Business Korea’s article, the device “will be loaded with Android Pay.”


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Also, the report emphasizes that the LG’s experience of the North American and European markets is the major factor why Goggle has involved in the G4 maker’s services. And indeed, the LG’s flagship might possibly not be the basis of the new Nexus 5’s model, so details about the launching remain a surprise for the mean time.