Android N (or Android 7.0) is still not out yet and is currently at Preview 3. Also, Google has not yet told us the name of the dessert that “N” will stand for. But it is still a child’s play to guess that next year’s Android 8.0 OS will be called Android “O”, and it might probably be named as Android “Oreo”. Anyway, Android O has appeared in a promotional image for Moto G4 Plus, this making this the first strong reference to Android O.

android o moto g4 plus

The above image was found on Chinese microblogging site Weibo. As you can notice, it is clearly said in the text that the Moto G4 plus will be provided with the Android N update, followed by Android O. Of course, Motorola’s guess might be wrong altogether, and Google might not call the 2017 Android version as Android O. But then again, it is highly unlikely that Google will change the highly popular Android naming scheme.

Of course, there is still a lot of time before we get to know more about Android O, and first we need to concentrate on Android N. The next Android O will probably start leaking out next year and not before that, so there’s no point in spreading baseless rumors. But do think of dessert names that Android “O” might stand for. Comment below.


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