It is that time of the month again, Google has just announced its latest security patches for the Android Nougat operating system. The new update covers quite a lot of vulnerabilities discovered in the previous month. For Nexus and Pixel users, you are in luck because the update can now be downloaded from the Android Developers Website.

Google releases Android Nougat security patch

According to the Android website, the newest security update contains two security patches. This will provide other Android partners with the flexibility of distributing the update across similar Android devices.

Most of the issues covered included execution vulnerabilities for OpenSSL, Mediaserver and third-party hardware. It also supported updates for Qualcomm and Mediatek mobile processors, as well as Wi-Fi and GPU hardware. Some of these issues are so severe that execution can be done remotely via emails or web browsing.

For those who wanted to upgrade to the newest security patch can do so via the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). Otherwise, for those who find it cumbersome can wait for the over-the-air update notification that will be sent in the coming days.

This security patch can be installed directly on any Pixel and most Nexus devices. This is mainly because these devices use the purest form of the Android Nougat operating system. Unfortunately, this update will be the last patch for the Nexus 6. As per the Android update agreement, Google is only required to provide firmware updates to Android devices for two years after the official device release.

You can download the images for the newest security patch as per the devices listed below.

For anyone who is interested in doing the Android Nougat security update on their own, can check the Google Developers website for the full list of instructions. Fair warning, though, prior to updating, make sure you backup all personal data. This will ensure that your personal files will not be affected if in case the installation fails to complete.


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