Google surprised everyone by bringing the Android N preview build previous month. The release was much prior than expected and was a pleasant surprise. Google is yet to disclose the name of its upcoming Android version but bets are already on Nutella.

The Android N will most probably be released in a couple of months and we’re eagerly waiting for the Google I/O, so that we may get more insight into the Android N.

Android N preview build is currently available for selected Nexus devices, but it seems that Google is planning to expand the beta program to few others OEMs as well. This would mean that non-Nexus users will also have a chance to try out the preview build of Android N.

Android N

There is still no news regarding which companies will be the first to be a part of this program, but Motorola is sure to one of them. Other prospective OEMs which can make this list seem to be Samsung, HTC, and LG.

This news has come from the recently released code for Android N, by a Reddit user, who has confirmed this.

There’s a line inside the code which reads, “accompanying Android Beta program for consumers, starting later in the preview — more supported devices, including devices from OEM partners — seamless OTAs for your devices, from initial release to final N release without flashing.”

The Android N preview is currently limited to a handful of latest Nexus devices and it would be quite nice and magnanimous of Google if it allows other OEM partners to be a part of this testing program. Not only Motorola but other OEMs like LG, Samsung and HTC will also be more than willing to offer the preview build to their users.

This is indeed a very healthy move as if more people will now be able to test the Android N preview build, this would increase the chances that more bugs and issues would be detected, resulting in a more stable final version. So brace yourselves as even if you don’t own a Nexus device, you still have a chance to try out the Android N preview build. Stay tuned.