Google has released the latest Android Marshmallow and the first devices to get it will be the newly launched LG Nexus 5X and Huawei Nexus 6P. Some of the previous Nexus devices will be getting the update too. The new OS brings a lot of improvements and additions and has been one of the most-awaited releases of 2015.

So let’s dive into the major features and check out the new things that many people don’t probably know yet about Android 6.0.

Now on Tap

now on tap, android marshmallow

Google Now on Tap is a new addition to the Android OS and in simple words, it is a predictive assistant to Google Now. With this new feature, you can get information regarding anything while inside an app by pressing and holding the home button. Now on Tap works by reading the current screen and returning relevant information to the user.


android 6 doze, android marshmallow

This is a new power-saving mode in Android Marshmallow. Doze basically works by managing the background processes optimally. This feature keeps a check on the motion detection sensor, and in case the user has left the phone unused for a long time, then the OS kills some background processes to save system resources and lengthen battery life. Google claims that the Doze feature had been put to test in Nexus 9 and the battery had lasted twice as longer!

App Permissions

android marshmallow

In the previous Android versions, the app permissions were asked for only while installing the app. However, in Android Marshmallow, the permissions will be asked only when the user is using the particular feature of an app that requires special permissions. These permissions include camera, location, microphone, contacts, etc.

Chrome Custom tabs

android marshmallow

This new feature will allow you to run web-views within the apps. So if an app wants to take you to a web-page, the OS will open up a Chrome Custom tab inside that app itself instead of opening the Chrome browser. This feature will work seamlessly along with autofill, saved passwords, automatic sign-in, etc. Also, the colors and fonts of the Chrome Custom tab will be based on that of the particular app it is opened in.

Fingerprint Support

android marshmallow

The fingerprint sensor support will now get standardized in Android Marshmallow and will work will various smartphones to integrate a standard API in their sensors. This way, users will be able to use fingerprints to purchase from Play Store, authorise transactions in Android Pay, etc.

USB Type-C

android marshmallow, usb type c

USB Type-C is supported in Android 6.0. This type of USB gets a bi-directional port, so you can easily charge the smartphone as well as another device. Also, the devices get charged faster with USB Type-C, which is why the latest Android OS has done a great job to integrate it.

Android Pay

android pay, android marshmallow

All set to replace Google Wallet, Android Pay used NFC (Near Field Communication) along with host card emulation techniques to make payments with just a tap. All you need to do is unlock the phone, place it near the NFC payment terminal, and the payment will be done without having to enter any details. This type of contact-less and blazing-fast payment makes things more convenient. And when coupled with the earlier-mentioned fingerprint support, you can be guaranteed of security.

So these are the seven awesome features that Google has packed into Android Marshmallow. But that’s not it, as there are many smaller features too inside the OS, which will keep you occupied once Android Marshmallow reaches the majority of devices.


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