On June 1, we have explained the features of Android M wherein have talked about App Stand By and Doze features which are expected to increase your smartphone battery life. As a recapture, When an Android phone is inactive for longer duration, it goes into Doze mode which increases the standby time to double of what we gets in Android Lollipop or earlier versions. When the mode is disabled by picking up the phone, it syncs and open tasks which were put on rest.


The Android M App standby is enabled when the phone is unplugged and this puts all apps to inactive mode thereby stopping them to receive any network communication and sync between the jobs. When the phone is plugged in, all the apps thus became active and connect to network.

However when the both features are put to an acid test with Nexus 5 with Android M Developer preview against the Android 5.1.1 Lollipop. The result of the test was astonishing to see that Android M munch through only 1.5% as compared to 4% battery when running with Lollipop. When the test is extended to 24 hours, the results got much better with Android M consuming only 4.5% as compared to 12% with Android Lollipop. On further extending the test to 2 days, Android M Nexus consumed only 9% battery as opposed to 24% when Nexus running with Android M.

The standby time was increased to 533 hours on Nexus 5 which was just 200 hours with Android 5.1.1 making it 2.7 times better. With this innovative features of Doze and Stand By feature more such revelations are expected in future.


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