Last month, Micromax filed a case on One Plus One for selling handsets with Cyanogen in India, while Micromax is having an exclusive deal with Cyanogen to sell handsets in India. Following the complaints, Delhi High Court banned One Plus One for importing and selling handsets in India. However, the ban lifted for now.

While at the hearing in Court, Carl Pei, founder of One Plus, mentioned that their firm is working on an Android skin which will replace Cyanogen to the One Plus One handsets.

Now, the company has released an alpha build Android Lollipop ROM for One Plus One handsets on its forum to replace cyanogen. The ROM looks similar to stock Android 5.0 lollipop on Nexus devices.

android lollipop rom for one plus one, oneplus android lollipop

As, the company mentioned that this is an alpha build, there should be some bugs for sure. Many of bugs are listed on forum, others you yourself can find out while using the same. The Company has given bold instructions to read carefully installation process. We have placed all the steps in an image format to carry out for flashing the new ROM on your One Plus One. You can save the image for later access.

how to install android lollipop on one plus one, android lollipop rom for one plus one

We highly encourage you to visit official forum of One Plus One and read all instructions carefully before flashing Android Lollipop ROM to your device. Don’t forget to comment your experience with Lollipop ROM.



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