Google is often mocked for treating its customers as though they were beta testers.  The latest issue its Android Auto app users are facing has certainly not helped the company to improve that image. In fact, as if the existing bugs in the app were not problematic enough, users on the Android Auto User community in Google’s Product Forums are now claiming that Google Maps is crashing as soon as the navigation feature is enabled.

Android Auto App update resolves Google Map crash
Courtesy: Google Play Store | Android Auto

According to most of the forum users facing this issue, the problem raises its ugly head whenever they try to access Navigation on an Android Auto head unit. The glitch manifests itself by making the display crash, which is followed by an error message reading: “Device not found.” Worse still, once this happens, the app will refuse to “discover” the device even if you remove and unplug it. The only way to get around the problem is by canceling navigation on the handset.

You are in for some good luck, though. As it turns out, a solution has already been released to mitigate the aforementioned bug. An update has been pushed out that most users probably haven’t come across yet. It’s Android Auto app version 2.4.722804+, currently available for download on APK Mirror.  The new version is supported by ARM, x86, arm 64, as well as x86_64 architectures.

Just head over to APK Mirror, download Android Auto app’s latest version, and you will be able to navigate using the app again.



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