Galaxy S6 owners in India, rejoice! Samsung has again delivered on its promise, this time by pushing Android 7 Nougat with a whole new set of features and tweaks. The update follows the recent releases in Europe, Germany, and Italy; and brings some really cool capabilities for Galaxy loyalists across the country.

Galaxy S6

Unlike previous updates, Android 7 Nougat promises an intuitive and clean user-experience on your premium Galaxy. The update brings Grace UX, a new gesture-friendly camera setup, a redesigned status bar with stackable notification, Doze mode, Samsung cloud, and a pop-view mode. On whole, it revamps the entire look and feel of the operating system while retaining the same top-grade performance of the handset.

How To Install Nougat on Galaxy S6

Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge users in India will soon receive a notification regarding the availability of Nougat update. However, if the update hasn’t shown up, users can alternatively pull it by heading over to the settings>about>software update of their device to check if the OTA update is already available.

However, it is important to note that the update weighs around 1.3GB and you’ll at least need 2GB of onboard storage to go ahead with the download and install. Also, you’ll need an active Wi-Fi connection and at least 50% power on your device to avoid any kind of issues during the entire process.

While we knew Nougat would make its way for Galaxy S6 users, we didn’t expect it to be just like Nougat on Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. The update hardly marks any difference and delivers exactly what Galaxy S7 lineup has on offer. However, before rushing to grab pull the update, keep in mind that it has just been pushed out and could still take a few days before making it to your Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge.

Let us know what you think of the update in the comments sections!

  • Rowie Truth

    Can someone help me with Nougat 7, Has anyone else noticed? The camera used to have an album function where you could browse your own photos, now it is just a slider with not only photo’s, but also what’s app images???!!$ I truely hate it, it is annoying. Please help

  • Amit Bhatt

    No update , one more fake news to get site traffic :/

  • Dhruv rajput

    Again a fake news update yet ! What is happening i dont know !

  • Ghosts

    In Gujarat we havent got the update yet.

  • Sanjeev Kumar Tanwar

    Not yet again wrong and fake news not roll out….

    • Sultan

      i thnk dey r talking abt Galaxy S6 made by “Samsung”, not the one u purchased from some Chinese boy. I already got d update on my phone TODAY evening

      • Malhar

        Which part of India are you from?

        • Adiattaya Chatterjee (BabaiVlo

          I’m from kolkata n i haven’t got any update yet

      • Sanjeev Kumar Tanwar

        Ohhhh really thanx for the difference between in original and and Chinese Mr sultan..