Ancient Aliens Season 12 Episode 8 might bring up new developments in the search for aliens and extraterrestrial civilization’s proof. Meanwhile, the previous episode 7 titled City of the Gods has discovered more details about Mexico’s ancient city of Teotihuacan.

This show on the History channel explores whether the extraterrestrial has visited the planet Earth or not. So far in Ancient Aliens Season 12, the Ancient Astronaut theorists have explored several regions and things such as England, Egypt and recently visited Mexico. Read to know what is coming up next in the series.

The TV ratings of Ancient Aliens since the premiere of Season 12 are reported to be quite steady. The show started on History channel in 2010 with five episodes. From then, it has come a long way and has kept the viewers engaged with new developments seen in every episode.

Ancient Aliens
Photo Credit: Facebook/Ancient Aliens

Ancient Aliens Season 12 Episode 8 Details

So far no official synopsis has been released for this episode. But according to Return Dates, Episode 8 has been titled as The Alien Frequency. This will air coming Friday on June 16, 2017, on History Network at 9/8c.

Ancient Aliens Season 12 Episode 7 Details

Episode 7 has explored Mexico’s ancient city of Teotihuacan. According to Monster And Critics, It was the biggest city in the pre-Columbian Americas. The website further reports, it is still a mystery to be revealed, who built this city?

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The report also reveals this city contains many of the most important Mesoamerican pyramids including the largest and most famous, the Pyramid of the Sun. The reason why this place is making Ancient Astronaut theorists curious is the lack of information about Teotihuacan’s origin as per the aforementioned source. Can this Mexican city be a part of the alien society?