America’s Got Talent Season 12 has carried out the first Judges Cut round. In this round, only seven best acts could sail through and the remaining contestants had to bid adieu to the show. Read and watch the top five acts that thrilled the judges as well as the audiences.

Angelica Hale

This young 9 year-old-singer wants to be a superstar in future. She admires Whitney Houston and sings like a pro! She astonished the judges during the auditions and has now won the Golden Buzzer during the Judges Cut round. Watch this talented singer, who underwent a kidney transplant and has beaten the odds in her life to reach so far!

Sara and her dog, Hero

During the auditions round, except for Simon Cowell, none of the other judges were as impressed with Sara Carson and her pet dog Hero’s acts. But they were mesmerized the way Hero performed with his master Sara in the Judges cut round. At the end of the act, Hero went down from the stage toward Simon Cowell, as if to say thank you! Watch Hero’s stunning performance here:

Demian Aditya Escape Artist

You might have to watch this act of Demian Aditya twice to believe what you just watched! Demian Aditya chained and buried himself only to come out all alive, hail and healthy! His wife panicked when he did not come out of the hole that was almost 10 feet deep. How did he manage to get himself rescued? That is still a mystery!

Just Jerk Korean Dance Group

This dance group wowed the judges with their incredible performance in the auditions round. They continued to do so with their performance in Judges cut round with their crazy dance moves! Watch their performance here.

 Eric Jones, The magician

A sneak peek of America’s Got Talent Season 12 Judges cut round had shown Eric performing an unbelievable trick! He continued to impress all the five judges (including Chris Hardwick)  as well as the audience present. Watch here what he did.

Photo Credit: Facebook/America’s Got Talent

The Results

America’s Got Talent Season 12 Judges will select the contestants who will have a slot in Top 36 acts. After today’s episode, the seven contestants that have managed to reach in the Top 36 are as follows:

  1. The Masqueraders, singing group
  2. Sara and her dog, Hero
  3. Angelica Hale, the young singer
  4. Singing Trump, an entertainer
  5. Demain Aditya, an escape artist
  6. Eric Jones, the magician
  7. Just Jerk, dance group

Watch the video here:


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