American Gods, a fantasy sitcom is going to enter the lives of sitcom addicts in the year 2017. The fantasy drama is an adoption of the varied adventures of Mr.Wednesday and Shadow Moon. To bring the adaptation on the small screen in a perfect score of 10, the casting team of American Gods had approached Nicolas Cage for the part of Mr. Wednesday but the talented and famous actor had refused to be the part of the series. Now that’s a bad news for the fans of Nicolas Cage and now it appears the casting team has shortlisted another actor Ian McShane for the part. Ricky Whittle will be playing the part of Shadow Moon further closing the main cast of the series.


When Cage was asked about his reason to refuse the series fitting the novel of Neil Gaiman; he said that he is still not ready to move to small screen cinema and is enjoying his time in Hollywood movies, so that rests the case. This report is as quoted by Bleeding Cool magazine. Cage further added that he was impressed by the series and the role that William Friedkin offered, but he is way too stubborn to accept the role.

Nicolas Cage is very well aware of the latest transition of Hollywood actors moving to the small screen and this can be a booster in his already gigantic career, but the feeling of staying in a city for a long time will make him feel caged and he cannot accept that. This was again according to Screen Crush.

Well, we cannot deny that Mr. Cage, but we would love to see more often of you and we hope that you change your mind one day.

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