If you are an AMD fan, you must look out for the CES 2017 event, as the next-gen AMD Zen CPUs are reportedly going to be unveiled at that show. The news is apparently coming straight from the supply chain.

Code-named Summit Ridge, the new desktop processors will flaunt up to eight cores and sixteen threads. The new CPU’s will support AMD’s AM4 platform that is also going to be launched soon. Among the high-end AM4 motherboards on display will be the X370 series CPU. To make way for the new chips, AMD is going to introduce surprisingly high price cuts and bundled offers on the existing FX 8300, 4300, and 6300 series chips.


AMD recently showcased the i7 6900K performance of its Zen CPU that costs $1000, and the company hinted towards a CES 2017 release date. It is being said that motherboard manufacturers have already started readying their AM4 inventories, and a few of them have already leaked out.

But those were the mid-range and entry-level products, while the real deal will be the high-end X370 AM4 motherboards that will reportedly ship in December and will be launched at the CES next year. Perhaps a couple of X370s will leak out soon.

On the AM4 socket, Bristol Ridge and Summit Ridge APUs and CPUs are sharing pin-to-pin compatibility. This means Bristol Ridge users can effortlessly upgrade to the upcoming Zen hardware when it comes out. The AM4 socket will be compatible with three different chipsets that AMD has prepared for different markets. The best of them all, sitting on the top, will be the X370, while there will be entry-level and mid-range A320 and B350 chips as well.

Dual channel DDR4 memory controllers, PCIe 3.0 support, SATA Express, NVMe, USB 3.1, and more features will be packed inside the Zen FX Summit Ridge CPUs. With AMD already progressing upwards in terms of performance, the company’s success figures are going up steadily. With the launch of the Zen chips, AMD will surely create some new records.

The company has a long way ahead of it. Wouldn’t you agree? Leave your thoughts in the comments below and let us know what you think of the next-gen AMD Zen processors.


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