AMD’s forthcoming Zen processors and brand spanking new unified AM4 socket were caught on camera last week. The images confirmed a return to AMD’s signature Pin Grid Array design with radically expanded functionality.

Via: WCCFTech

Officially introduced earlier in September, AMD’s AM4 definitely hints at a new direction for the chip giant. All its next-generation APUs and CPUs will share the same AM4 platform – much unlike how the company had previously designated the AM3+ platform for enthusiast-targeted FX CPU products while keeping the value-oriented and mainstream A-Series APU parts to the FM2+ platform.

AMD also promised that both the socket and chipset used for AM4 will be forward compatible, meaning those who purchase Bristol Ridge-based APU systems at launch will be able to conveniently switch to the more competent Zen-based Summit Ridge parts when they’re available.

AM4 is also bringing native PCIe 3.0 support in addition to native USB 3 and 3.1 functionality.

“The initial “Zen” cores for “Summit Ridge”-powered desktops will utilize the AMD AM4 socket, a new unified socket infrastructure that is compatible with 7th Generation AMD A-Series desktop processors. With dedicated PCIe® lanes for cutting-edge USB, graphics, data and other I/O, the AMD AM4 platform will not steal lanes from other devices and components,” read a press release by the company.  

“..This allows users to enjoy systems with improved responsiveness and the future looking technologies that the AM4 platform provides, resulting in a powerful, scalable and reliable computing solution for all their needs.”

Some of the key features of AM4 include- DDR4 Memory, SATA Express. USB 3.1 Gen2 10Gbps, PCIe Gen 3, NVMe, and more.


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