A benchmark of the forthcoming AMD x86 Zen architecture has surfaced on aggregate Blender test database Blenchmark.com. First spotted by a Redditor, the test reveals some pretty interesting performance details as long as you are willing to take the test results on the face value. However, because there is no way for us to identify the processor, details will remain sketchy regarding which variant of AMD’s Zen processor these results stand for.

AMD Zen Release Date Confirmed

As you already knew, AMD is keen on sticking to the philosophy of maintaining a homogeneity across the Zen architecture. The chip maker plans to initially ship a few variants scaling from 8 cores for Summit Ridge and up to 32 cores for the Naples processor.

There’s hardly any doubt over the authenticity of the test results published on Benchmark, but the lack of any detail regarding the processor makes it totally impossible to evaluate the performance. Overall, if you had to make a call, you could say it looks rather impressive for an eight-core, but only decent for anything with 16 cores or more.

Note that the processor listed on the website carries the tag of “AMD Engineering Sample” and it significantly more powerful compared to the Core i7-6900K, the octa-core processor for the Summit Ridge platform.

Going back to the test results, the unidentified processor manages the Blender run in 1:09 minutes. That’s the exact same performance as the Intel Xeon E5 2680 v2 processor, a chip with 10 cores. The speed is faster than the eight-core Xeon E5 2650 v2, albeit marginally.



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