Disregard the 1080ti. AMD Vega won’t be as quick as the 1080. It will be speedier in Vulkan/DX12 however not in DX11/Open GL.


AMD Vega probably won’t be as fast as we think it is

The fact of the matter is nobody knows how quick these cards are in correlation. So it is all hypothesis. All we need to go in is the reputation of AMD versus Nvidia. Presently if the 1080 ti spilled specs are valid, then the execution varies by under 1% if our estimations were right. What’s more, you can see that the Titan X gets higher than 100fps in bad dream settings 4k. Which is by all accounts parallel to the Vega card appeared in that Demo.

Along these lines, as AMD cards as of now get a 30% support in execution in vulkan. Also, Nvidia cards get no expansion. At that point it is sheltered to expect that the 1080ti ought to outflank the Vega card.

Presently you can call us a Nvidia fanboy yet we are making a contention in view of rationale and results. We are occupied with why individuals think AMD vega will beat the 1080 ti in non-vulkan recreations?

Something you need to recall is the 1080 ti has a base clock of 1503 Mhz (1623 support clock) when contrasted with the RX 490 which has 1200. The RX 490 has 9.8 Tflops figure control when contrasted with the 1080ti 10.8 Tflops.

Then again, we trust we are incorrect. We trust the 490 turns out and some way or another beats the 1080 ti and titan x. Be that as it may, in the event that we are being straightforward we profoundly question it.

Source: DSO Gaming

  • Slacker Em

    Initial drivers on new architecture are always weak.

    Matching on weak drivers -> Get better drivers what will happen?

    Are 1080 drivers really new? Is the 1080 architecture new?

  • CPUsAreHistory

    DX11 is old stuff.. DX12 is the high optimal end.. Its like saying NVIDIA is faster in DX10.. AMD is optimized for the new and current technology.. NVIDIA is optimized for the old technology.. If anybody buys a new card is not to support tje old stuff but the cerreny and new technology.. DX12 is far superior than DX11 in many ways and will benefit even more with AMD’s Zen based APUs..