The latest presentation slides by AMD for its investors confirms that VEGA will not launch sooner than the first half of 2017, reports Videocardz. The preliminary data, according to AMD, may still change. The footnotes of the documents reads –

“The information contained herein is subject to change and may be rendered inaccurate for many reasons, including but not limited to product and roadmap changes.”

So if there are no major product and roadmap changes, it’s fair to expect Vega launch no later than the first half of 2017.


As seen from the multi-year strategic plan slide, AMD plans to introduce next-gen graphics in the following years. The next-gen graphics refer to Vega and Navi architectures. Vega architecture is expected in 2017 while Navi architecture is expected in 2018.


Vega 10 reached a development milestone recently and was celebrated by Raja Koduri, Senior VP and Chief Architect at RTG with a group of engineers. This means that the final design of Vega 10 has been accepted. It shouldn’t more than a few months for the actual GPU to reach the market once the final design is approved.


Vega Launch Venue

Senior Director, Global Marketing and PR at AMD, Chris Hook posted a picture showing Vega launch Venue.


Vega and Navi Roadmap

We know that Vega is expected use High-Bandwidth-Memory Gen 2. The Vega architecture is also expected to be around 3x more power efficient than 28nm GPUs. As seen from the slide below, Vega Architecture will use HBM2 while Navi architecture is expected to use NextGen Memory. It remains to be seen what the ‘NextGen Memory’ actually is.

AMD-roadmap AMD-roadmap