Right after announcing their Ryzen series of processors, AMD has now also announced the launch date of their Vega and Radeon 500 series. The company has said them to be released in the second quarter of 2017 itself.

Even before it is officially announced, there is a huge buzz about the Vega GPUs which the company has designed to take on the industry leader Nvidia. Several leaks have concluded that the all new Vega architecture will bring groundbreaking performance and would be as good as the top of the line offering of Nvidia, if not better. The added support for 4K gaming is raising the excitement level even further.

It has been confirmed that the announcement will be made during the upcoming Capsaicin and Cream press event scheduled for February 28 at GDC 2017. It will be presented by Raja Koduri, the Chief Architect of the Radeon Technologies Group. The event would be very exciting for the enthusiasts because there will be an exclusive look at the upcoming Radeon 500 series GPUs along with many more gaming demonstrations and performance benchmarks.

The Ryzen announcement also gave the members of the press a sneak peek at the Vega GPU running on a system completely made out of AMD system components. The system was equipped with the $399 Ryzen 7 1700X octa-core processor and was running along with an enthusiast Vega graphics card.

The duo was not only able to support Star Wars Battlefront in 4K, but the results were spectacular. And the best part is that the system was giving a steady framerate of 60 FPS throughout. AMD gave the press a closer look at the internals of the system besides letting them play the game and even verify the specifications while being outside the game.

While being proven to be better than the Nvidia GTX 1080, the Vega GPUs will be priced close to the Nvidia’s offerings. There are just a few days left till we get to know the official details of the upcoming Vega graphics cards.



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