Those of you eagerly waiting to see how the next-generation AMD Radeon embedded GPUs would be like, AMD has finally unwrapped the Radeon E9950 and the Radeon E9260 for all to see.

Both GPUs will carry the same specs as their previous generation counterparts released last year, although the major difference will be that the Radeon E9950 and the Radeon E9260 will be built using the 14nm FinFET process.

AMD Radeon E9550 And E9260 specs
via wccftech

This essentially means that the overall performance and efficiency is going to be twice as better compared to the previous generation products.

AMD Radeon E9550 specs

  • 36 CUs
  • 5.8 TFLOPs
  • 4K HEVC encode and decode
  • 95W of TDP
  • MXM Type B form factor
  • 256 bit
  • 8GB of GDDR5
  • Polaris 10
  • 14nm FinFET architecture

AMD Radeon E9260 specs

  • 2.5 TFLOPs
  • 14 CUs
  • 128-bit bus
  • 4 GB of memory
  • 50W TDP
  • 4K HEVC encode and decode

From those specs, it’s clear that the AMD Radeon E9260 PCIe GPU is going to be a pretty handy little thing for application purposes.

And finally, we are also going to have the AMD Radeon R9260 MXM based GPU with the following specs:

  • 14 CU
  • MXM form factor
  • Less than 2.5 TFLOPs
  • 128-bit bus
  • 4 GB GDDR5 memory
  • 50W TDP

Quite clearly the R9260 is not going to be nearly as powerful as the PCIe variant, but it has its own unique purpose as well. Based on the spec of both E9950 and E9260, it is clear that they are going to be a lot more efficient.

However, we still don’t have a clue regarding the price and availability of both these products. So stay tuned for more updates in the coming days.


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