AMD’s forthcoming Zen-based enthusiast processor lineup will allegedly feature at least one special variant aimed at overclockers. According to an unconfirmed Bitsnchips report, these new processors will belong to the Summit Ridge lineup. MobiPicker can not independently verify the authenticity of these claims.

Via MyDrivers

The rumors point out that the special enthusiast-grade chip(s) will be designed to ensure high OC margins. Not just that, they will also come equipped with higher frequencies compared to the standard 95W variants. Considering that these are “special edition” products, the TDP is likely to remain 95W.

It appears as though these new variants will be pretty similar to the “Unlocked” series processors from Intel. As you know, Intel K-series chips are also targeted at more or less the same kind of users. However, unlike AMD, those are just about the only chips in Intel Core lineup that can be overclocked. In comparison, AMD makes available unlocked multipliers across all chips. Although, the forthcoming special Summit Ridge variants will be built especially for overclocking and enthusiast use.

These new OC models will cost buyers marginally higher compared to the regular eight-core variants and may require some users to switch to decent AM4 motherboard to make the best use of the overclocked chips.

[Source: My Drivers | Bitsnchips | WCCFtech]


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