AMD is getting ready to release the company’s latest series of processors based on the new Ryzen architecture.

While the company will offer 4-core and 8-core models, rumors suggest we won’t see any 6-core model in the lineup. The series should feature three variants, labeled as AMD Zen SR7 (high-end), AMD Zen SR5 (mid-tier) and AMD Zen SR3 (entry-level processors).


Models belonging to the SR7 variant will come with 8 cores and 16 threads. The SR5 variants of the new Ryzen lineup were rumored to pack 6 cores and 16 threads but it seems that isn’t the case anymore. As for the SR3 variants, they will come with 4 cores and 8 threads.

Rumors suggest that AMD won’t offer 6-core, 12 threads CPUs for the SR5 processors. Instead, the mid-tier Ryzen CPUs will come with 8 cores and 8 threads. The SR5 models won’t have SMT enabled, placing them below SR7 solutions, but still, they will come with twice as many cores as well as twice as high L3 cache than the models from AMD SR3 series. All Ryzen-based processors are expected to come with an unlocked multiplier across all cores.

The SR branding is an internally used codename, so it is expected for the branding to change once the Ryzen CPU line gets released.

As for the pricing of the upcoming Ryzen processor series, rumors talk that the price for the high-end CPUs could be as high as $720. The price should end up being between $580 and $720. Since the Ryzen sample which got tested by AMD ended up in front of the Core i7-6900K that costs more than $1000, it is possible for AMD to put such high a price. Because even with the price of $720, the top tier Ryzen model will be $300 cheaper than the Core i7-6900K.

Aside from better performance, the Ryzen chip is rated at 95W, while the Core i7-6900K is rated at 140W. If we account the price difference between the X99 (a chipset used for the Core i7-6900K-supported motherboards) and the AM4 platform, with the latter being noticeably cheaper to purchase, users could get a massive amount of performance for a much, much lower price.

Details about the pricing of other two series’ models are unknown at the moment.


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