Intel recently announced their top of the line processors along with their pricing that was on the higher side. AMD will have to price its upcoming Threadripper lineup very competitively to stay in the market. A recent report suggests the pricing of a 16-core Threadripper processor and it is much lower than the Intel’s counterpart.

The rumour comes from Bitsnchips that claims to know the price at which AMD will be releasing its Threadripper processor. Though the publication has always been accurate in leaks about AMD and Intel, the pricing is still not confirmed by AMD.

As per their tweet, the entry level Ryzen Threadripper processor with 16 cores and 32 threads will be priced at $849. To help you compare, Intel has priced its 16-core processor at $1,699. AMD has shown impressive performance with their Ryzen processors when put against Intel processors, but a 16-core chip in the sub $1000 segment is truly remarkable.

The tweet by Bitsncbips also mentions the pricing to be for the entry level processor, indicating many more processors with 16 cores and different clock speeds. The ones with higher clock speeds will naturally sport a higher price tag.

In another tweet, it also mentions that the cost of producing Threadripper chips will be quite low. It will cost AMD just $110-120 to produce a 16-core processor which will be retailing for upwards of $849. The cost includes testing, dies, and packaging, leaving AMD with a great chunk of profit margin which should help the company cope with its current financial condition.

In its third tweet, the publication subtly indicated that the X399 motherboards will cost a lot. Several factors contribute to the increased price of the X399 motherboards like the TR4 socket, design schemes, and other I/O capabilities outfitted in each motherboard.

AMD did reveal a few details about the Threadripper processors that will lure a number of enthusiasts. The 16-core processors will also come with 40 MB of cache, 32 MB L3 and 8 MB L2. The processors will also allow 64 PCIe lanes with 48 of them dedicated completely to the graphics In comparison, Intel’s X299 has total 44 PCIe lanes.

The processors will be officially announced this summer.


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