It’s no longer a matter of speculations that AMD Ryzen 7 chips have pretty much won the battle of perception against their Intel counterparts owing to a superior performance-per-dollar. However, one aspect where the new-generation AMD CPUs leaves something to desire is high-end gaming.

Don’t get us wrong, though. In addition to being fine tuned for high-performance processing and professional application, the new octa-core AMD chips are capable of delivering pretty decent performance in high-end gaming. But where does their performance stand against Intel Core i7 chips?

Intel responds to AMD Ryzen threat

Sure, you may have already come across such comparative analysis on other sites. But what’s the harm in having another perspective on this intense stand-off, right? Especially if you are planning to upgrade to Ryzen 7 anytime soon.

These new data come from the folks over at The CPU benchmark data was taken from Guru3D with all the chips tested on a setup with the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 and 16GB DDR4 2, 666MHz RAM.

The frame per second (fps) delivered by each CPU in four different games were taken into account to gauge the average FPS value. The tests included both WQHD and full HD benchmarks along with a 3DMark FireStrike Score.Here are the results.

[Note: The test didn’t include the Ryzen 7 1700 because of insufficient benchmark data.]

As you can see in the figures above, AMD’s Ryzen 7 CPUs offered a pretty formidable performance but fell somewhat short in the one-on-one competition against the Core i7 processors.

From a purely utility point of view, Ryzen 7 outshines Intel processors. The Ryzen 7 1800X, for example, offers a nearly equal performance as the Intel chips that are more than twice its price. In terms of high-end gaming, however, the Intel Core i7 7700K continues to retain the numero uno spot in the gradually intensifying race.


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