While the actual of impact AMD’s latest Ryzen CPU line up on the company’s bottom line is yet to be thoroughly evaluated, it seems the company has found a cash cow in Ryzen 5. At least that’s the conclusion one must draw from the results of a recently conducted survey.

According to the survey by 3DCenter, the new AMD Ryzen 5 CPU lineup is the best-received CPU product launched in almost a decade — or, more specifically, since the start of these annual surveys in 2010.

amd ryzen 5 specs

Now, let’s delve into the numbers:

A whopping 84% of the participants in the 3DCenter survey expressed a “positive” view on Ryzen 5, while 17.5% were by and largely indifferent. Only 6.7% had a negative impression of the product.

To put those numbers into perspective, just about 12% respondents had a positive outlook on Intel’s Kaby Lake CPUs. 45.3% said they were indifferent while 42.7% expressed negative views on Kaby Lake.

AMD Ryzen 5 tops the chart of best CPUs since 2010, Ryzen 7 comes second

The survey also included Ryzen 7 and judging by all the responses, the flagship lineup emerged as second best CPUs since 2010. 74.6% of those surveyed said they were happy with Ryzen 7, with 17.5% expressing indifference and only 7.9% responding negatively about the product.

AMD Ryzen 5 best CPU
Courtesy: 3DMark

Simply put, the survey reflects what pretty much everybody has anticipated all along. Ryzen is basically demolishing its Intel counterparts with a much higher performance-per-dollar value. In fact, the only Intel CPU that somewhat contends with Ryzen is the Sandy Bridge lineup.

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When asked which product they had an interest in actually purchasing, the majority of the respondents said Ryzen 7, followed by Ryzen 5 and Sandy Bridge.