Hoorah for all of you eagerly waiting for the first of AMD Ryzen benchmarks.

The benchmarks of Ryzen 5 1600X, the six core, 12 threaded SKU, has surfaced online and from what we can see, the results look indeed promising.

Ryzen 5 1600X CPU Benchmark

The performance leak was initially published on Chinese forums. In addition to a six-core processor, the leak also showed the benchmarks of a four core Ryzen chip.

The Ryzen 5 1600X happens to be the fastest six-core chip in the AMD Ryzen lineup. Scheduled to officially launch in a few weeks from now, the processor boasts a base clock speed of 3.3 GHz (3.7 GHz boost). It comes with 16MB of L3 cache, 3MB of L2 cache, a bus speed of 100 MHz, as well as a multiplier of x34 to achieve the base clocks.

Worth noting, this is the same chip that bears the codename “Summit Ridge” — the official branding of all Zen-powered desktop CPUs. (Ryzen, meanwhile, is the codename used to denote the new AMD CPU family).

The chip in question was run at a voltage of 0.374v under minimal loads. In case you’re wondering, a low voltage was preferred because of a bug in CPU-z that gives a less than ideal outcome with Ryzen CPUs at this juncture.

For the uninitiated, the Zen architecture is based on the 14nm FinFET process, bringing AMD on par with Intel’s new-generation processors.

The performance of the Ryzen 5 1600X chip was evaluated in CPU-z using the built-in bench utility. Note that this utility helps assess both single and multi-threaded performances.

As for the scores, the Ryzen 5 1600X secured 1888 in the single-threaded benchmark tests, and 12544 points in multi-threaded tests. The image of the task manager below shows that the boost clock was enabled.

AMD Ryzen 5 1600X

AMD Ryzen 5-series processor lineup specs and price

CPU ModelCore/ThreadBase ClockBoost ClockL3 CacheTDPSocketPrice (approx)
Ryzen 5 1600X6/123.3GHz3.7GHz16MB95W-SR3+AM4$259
Ryzen 5 Pro 16006/12TBDTBD16MB95WAM4$249
Ryzen 5 15006/123.2 GHz3.5GHz16MB65WAM4$229
Ryzen 5 Pro 15006/12TBDTBD16MB65WAM4$219
Ryzen 5 1400X4/83.5 GHz3.9GHz8MB65WAM4$199
Ryzen 5 Pro 14004/8TBDTBD8MB65WAM4$185
Ryzen 5 13004/83.2 GHz3.5GHz8MB65WAM4$175
Ryzen 5 Pro 13004/8TBDTBD8MB65WAM4$165

The second processor that was put to test is the AMD Ryzen 3 1300 quad-core chip that comes with SMT enabled, essentially meaning that it has eight threads. Codenamed “ZD3201BBM4KF4_34/32_Y”, it gives you 8MB of L3 cache and 2MB of L2 cache. The base and boost clock speeds stand at 3.2 GHz and 3.4 GHz respectively.

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AMD RYZEN release date price

AMD Ryzen 3-series processor lineup specs and price

CPU ModelCore/ThreadBase ClockBoost ClockL3 CacheTDPSocketPrice
Ryzen 3 1200X4/43.4GHz3.8GHz8MB65WAM4$149
Ryzen 3 Pro 12004/4TBDTBD8MB65WAM4$139
Ryzen 3 11004/43.2GHz3.5GHz8MB65WAM4$129
Ryzen 3 Pro 11004/4TBDTBD8MB65WAM4$119