In what’s probably the first-ever revelation of this kind, the performance numbers of the AMD Raven Ridge 4 core/8 thread configuration have been leaked online.

The benchmarks in question were originally published on the Zhaoxin official page before being removed. Most importantly, because the benchmarks came from the company’s official page, there’s no ground to doubt their authenticity.


This new leak reveals a lot about the Raven Ridge platform which basically happens to be a Zen 4 core/8 thread configuration APU with a VEGA GPU side. Having said that, the performance of the chip is likely to be a lot similar to the Ryzen 4C 8T counterpart (with same clock speed). Thus, it can be deemed a pretty reliable metric to draw an estimate from.

Worth noting, the benchmark could have been more insightful. At present form, it represents a very limited sample size, essentially leaving a lot to be desired.

Image via: WCCFtech

As you can see above, the Raven Ridge chip delivers a performance that’s on par with the Intel Core i5 6600 in Fritz Chess benchmark. Even more impressive is the fact that the Zhaoxin ZX-E eight-core chip is also clubbed into the same performance tier.0

If the data from the Fritz Chess benchmark test is taken on the face value, it becomes unambiguously clear that the Ryzen 4 core/8 thread processors can punch pretty much above their weight. But having said that, we also have to concede that it is never a good idea to rely on a single data point for making such assessments. Also, note that the data available with us now do not mention the clock speed at which the Raven Ridge APU was running. Maybe it was so because of some kind of non-disclosure agreement between the two companies.

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Some idea about the clock speed would definitely help us narrow down the performance parameters. But since it didn’t happen, waiting for the next big “leak” seems to be the only way left. Stay tuned for further updates as we keep looking for more clues.



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