AMD, at its Financial Analyst Day, announced the Frontier Edition of the Radeon RX Vega. After the event, there were reports about another gaming optimized RX Vega GPU. At 45th Annual J P Morgan Global Technology, Media and Telecom Conference, Lisa SU, AMD’s CEO confirmed that the Radeon RX Vega for gaming will be released after the Frontier Edition.

The Frontier Edition is designed keeping in mind the professionals like scientists, content creators & designers and will be launched in the second half of June. Now that we are expecting to see a number of launches from AMD in July, it comes as no surprise that two more AMD RX Vega Variants – D12 and D05 – have received RRA Certificates.

AMD RX Vega variants D12 and D05 pass RRA certification

RRA stands for Radio Research Agency and is Korea’s radio authority which issues clearance to all consumer ASICs. Just like in the US, all chips must undergo RRA certification to be eligible for market release. RRA publishes its certifications in the public domain while the United States does not.

The D04 variant has already passed RRA certification. Two more variants – D12 and D05 – have now received RRA clearance certificate. One of them, according to reports, appears to be a flagship GPU. Korea’s Radio Research Agency (RRA) has given a green signal to two more AMD RX Vega variants and this means the two boards are effectively at the end of their development cycle.

The first certification is for ATI-102-D12201, which going by AMD’s naming tradition implies a larger Vega variant. This could very well be the upcoming flagship GPU. The second certification is for ATI-102-D05001, which appears to be a toned-down version of RX Vega lineup.

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