Shortly after Apple’s MacBook Pro 2016 release and the official announcement on the Radeon Pro 400 series graphics cards that these notebooks carry, AMD has shed light into a few more key details about the new chips.

AMD Radeon Pro 400 specs

As you have already heard, AMD has officially made available three SKUs that will be a part of the new Radeon 400 series comprising the Radeon Pro 450, 455, and 460. As per the info provided on the official Radeon website, each of these three variants will be based on the Polaris 11 GPU. Basically, they are the power-efficient variants of the Radeon RX 460 series.

Worth noting, until now the RX 460 was the only graphics card to be built on the Polaris GPU and featuring 896 Stream Processors. This particular configuration gave the RX 460 series cards a peak compute performance of 2.2 TFLOPs and a TDP of 75W.

Even though the details are sketchy, AMD had to make improvisations with the Radeon Pro 400 series to ensure that they fit well in Apple’s policy of maintaining an “under 35W power envelope”. This may have led to a significant lowering of the GPU clocks.

The Radeon Pro 460 flagship flaunts 16 Compute Units (CUs) that adds up to 1024 Stream Processors and can deliver a peak performance of 1.86 TFLOPs. That’s much lower than the peak performance delivered by the RX 460 cards. The Radeon Pro 460 cards come equipped with 4GB of GDDR5 memory and offer a memory bandwidth of 80GB.


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