If you have been following AMD Vega for a while, then you must know that we still have a few months till the company announces its Vega cards for gaming. But a recent report claims that the graphics cards will offer an excellent price to performance ratio. The news comes from an insider who has a good knowledge of the thing.

Bits and Chips came out with the information and informed via a series of tweets. It has been accurate with this kind of information in the past too and has claimed that the information comes from their sources.

AMD has been following this path for a while and the best example would be the Ryzen series of processors. Launched earlier this year, the Ryzen processors offer much better performance than their Intel counterparts in many cases, while their prices are significantly lower than the Intel processors.

Another thing to note about the Vega cards is that AMD will be launching a range of graphics card spread across different price ranges. During the recent WWDC event, Apple announced the iMac Pro that is to be launched later this year with two different variants of Vega cards. The two will come in a full 64 NCU and a cut down 56 CU variant and will have 4096 and 3584 cores respectively.

The company is yet to confirm but the report also claims that AMD will be launching a Vega card that will be based on the Radeon R9 Nano. However, Polaris will continue to offer the best price to performance ratio for the users looking for a graphics card mainly for mining.

In one of their tweets, Bits and Chips mentioned that Radeon Vega graphics cards will prove to be a superb card overall but won’t do much for the HPC market. It says that Navi will be a better choice for AI/HPC market that will offer much higher levels of performance.


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