We all have been eagerly waiting for AMD to spill the beans about the specifications of the Vega GPU, but we were left disappointed. In the recent reports, the Vega GPU has been spotted on some benchmarks and now we have a detailed look at one of the most anticipated graphics card of 2017.

First spotted by Videocardz.com, the Vega graphics card made an appearance on multiple benchmarks including the Compubench and SiSoft Sandra. The GPU is not only compared to its high-end counterparts from Nvidia, but its specifications are also now available.

The internal codename of the GPU is GFX9, which got leaked earlier too, and the device ID in the case of these leaked benchmarks is 687F:C3. AMD seems to have followed a similar format for the codenames like Hawaii was GFX7, Polaris was GFX8 and the Vega is now codenamed GFX9.

Coming straight to the specifications of the RX Vega, the GPU will be manufactured on 14nm FinFET node and will be shipping with 8GB of HBM2 memory with 2048-bit bus width. The TDP of the GPU is expected to be around 225W.

The Vega GPU will have around 25 Teraflops of 16-bit compute and doing some simple maths will reveal the exact number to be 12.5 teraflops of compute as the 16-bit compute is the half-precision work. The number of 12.5 TFlops is great and is significantly higher than the similar offerings from Nvidia.

Though, this particular variant is clocked at 1200 MHz which translates to 9.8 TFlops, which is quite below the claimed mark of 25 TFlops by AMD. There seems to be a lot of work still pending for the engineers to do the further refinements. While the double precision performance of the RX Vega 10 is listed at a 1/16th rate which is 650 GFlops and we can expect it to be somewhere close to 675 GFlops by scaling proportionally to other specifications.

As per the leaks, this high-end graphics card from AMD will contain 64 compute units with 64 stream processors. This totals to exactly 4096 Stream Processors. The specifications mention the HBM2 stack with 512GB/s of bandwidth but is listed with 16GB memory. RX Vega Doom demos confirmed the memory to be 8GB, so it is possible that the listing is specific to the server market.

As the launch nears, we will surely be able to get more details about the highly-anticipated series of graphics processors from AMD.


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