So AMD is going to official launch the highly-awaited Radeon RX 480 graphics card on 29th June, and the card has already started reaching stores in the US. And while the AMD RX 480 price may go up in the UK due to Brexit, some new information has come to light. Thanks to the friends at VideoCardz, we have got several leaks today for the Radeon fans.


Let’s start with a news that most of you are dying to hear. It has been reported that the non-reference custom AMD Radeon RX 400 cards might be released between July to August. The RX 480 is expected to be available in somewhere around mid-July, while the RX 470 will be available by the end of July. The RX 460 might be available in early August.


For those who want to buy the RX 480 4GB graphics card and not the 8GB variant, Newegg has listed that card already on its site and is the first online retailer to do so. The XFX or Sapphire 4GB model is expected to sell at $199 and is shown in the picture above. Meanwhile, AMD’s Better Red campaign has started and rebels have covered green ads to demand for cheaper VR-capable hardware.


Now coming to the temperature and clock stability test that we mentioned in the title. A new screenshot has been posted on Reddit, and it shows that the power draw is about 112W. The RX 480 does not have thermal throttling as show by the screenshot above.


According to a RX 480-related page on the Sapphire website, the Radeon Settings overclocking tool is called Radeon WattMan. You can clearly notice it in the description below. The page was online for just a brief moment.


Last but not the least, it looks like there’s some problem with the overclocking capabilities of the AMD Radeon RX 480. Most of the reviewers have mentioned that the card isn’t pushing beyond 1350 MHz, and highest anyone was able to go was 1379 MHz. A PCGamesHardware team member confirmed that their review unit did not touch the expected 1400 MHz point.

So that’s all for now. Do leave your comments below and keep checking back for more such leaks and updates.