In a new leak that just surfaced online, the folks over at Videocardz has revealed internal slides from Radeon Technologies Group featuring key details regarding the company’s forthcoming flagship GPU, Vega 10.

Apparently, the slides seemed to have been in circulation for a few months now. That essentially means that while the slides look authentic, they may contain certain information that may have already been obsolete by now. The technical specs, meanwhile, can be trusted as they are unlikely to go under any radical transformation.

AMD Vega 10 x 2 release date

In addition to Vega 10 that’s expected to arrive in the first half of 2017, the slides also revealed quite a bit about Vega 10 x 2 and Vega 20 GPUs.

As for the specs, the Vega 10 GPU is based on GlobalFoundries’ 1nm node and sports 24 TFLOPs of 16-bit Float (25 TFLOP after the new update), as well as 12 TFLOPs of 32-bit Float (12.5 TFLOP following the update). Meanwhile, the double precision performance of the GPU stands at 1/16th rate and stands at 650 GFLOP. Scale with precision with respect to the other specs, and you should expect it to go all the way up to around 675 GFLOP.

Meanwhile, with the single precision compute sizing at 12.5 TFLOPs per second on a GPU with 4096 cores (and assuming that TFLOP is roughly twice the Clock Speed * 2 Instructions Per Clock * Cores), we can expect a Vega 10 card with a clock speed of approximately 1526 MHz, as long as the amount of NCU remains the same.

Also, one of the leaked slides also suggests that the Vega 10 x 2 GPU will be revealed sometime in the second half of this year. While we are not in a position to confirm it beyond the reasonable doubt, it is possible that the said GPU is AMD’s dual Vega GPU that we have been hearing a lot about for awhile now.


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