RX 480 is out but there’s still one more rumor about its Polaris 10 architecture floating around. It was believed that the full Polaris 10 chip from AMD would feature 40 compute units, making the max number of stream processors 2560 (64 cores per one compute unit).

AMD Polaris 10 Diagram

Well, that’s not true. PCGamesHardware talked with Evan Groenke (Senior Product Manager for Polaris 10 at AMD) and asked him will Polaris 10 have a 40 compute unit edition. His answer was clear; Polaris 10 in its full configuration packs only 36 compute units. Evan stated, “I can absolutely confirm with you right here, that Polaris 10 in its full configuration defined by the silicon is a 36 Compute Unit configuration there’s nothing else hidden on that product that end users might be looking forward to unlocking. This is the pinnacle, the latest and greatest of the Polaris 10 product.”

So, at the end, Polaris won’t come in 40 CUs version, unlike the Pascal GP104. It seems that RX 480 uses full Polaris 10 chip and that there’s a slim chance of upcoming RX 490 using Polaris 10 chip unless AMD is planning to make a dual GPU card.


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