Back in the 2000’s, AMD was considered to be an upcoming supergiant that would overthrow Intel when it comes to Processors. However, since then, a couple of shoddy architectures have taken the title away from them and most mid to high range laptops and desktops of the present day come with Intel CPUs, as AMD moves onto Graphic cards and accessories, almost giving up hope on processors. AMD

Now, however, with the upcoming Zen chips that are built from scratch and have an all new architecture, AMD hopes that they will achieve the same level of efficiency and popularity as the Athlon 64 that they built in 2000, which was the world’s first 64 bit CPU. Since Athlon, AMD had been met with some bad decisions, such as the Phenom in 2007 and Fusion, which attempted to integrate a graphic card with a processor but failed, which affected the company’s shared in the CPU market.

Zen chips have an improvement of 40% in their clockwork that has never been seen in any CPU update in history. There is also simultaneous multireading, a feature that AMD has added to ensure that loads are balanced even when they are highly threaded. Tasks can be efficiently fed into execution cores because of a redesigned cache subsystem. AMD will also be incorporating the FinFET technology, the same thing that they used for Polaris in GPUs, into the Zen chips. It is going to be interesting to see not only the chip’s performance, but also how much of a competition it offers to Intel.


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