One of the users on SemiAccurate forums has posted alleged roadmap for AMD processors, showing the future CPU lineup for both desktop and mobile CPU lines. Roadmap details AMD’s plans for 2016 and 2017, confirming the introduction of new “Summit Ridge” architecture during 2017.

First leaked slides detail AMD’s plans for mobile and AIO (All-in-one) CPU lineup, detailing “Bristol Ridge” and “Stoney Ridge” platforms. Both platforms already hit the shelves, “Bristol Ridge” is an advanced FP4 socket-based architecture sporting up to 12 Compute Cores, 4 Excavator, and 8 GCN cores. TDP is between 10W and 35W, and SoC is made in 28nm production process. “Stoney Ridge” is also made for the FP4 socket, is made in 28nm process, has up to 5 Compute cores, 2 excavator and 3 GCN cores with TDP ranging between 10W and 25W.

AMD Zen Roadmap
Image Courtesy Of WCCF Tech

The upcoming “Raven Ridge” is where things start to get interesting. Raven Ridge is made for FP5 socket, sports “up to 16 Compute cores,” having 4 Zen cores (8 threads) and 12 “Next Gen GFX cores.” TDP ranges from 4W to 35W; platform is based on 14nm production process and should come during 2017.

The second slide shows desktop roadmap, with “Bristol Ridge” being slated for 2016-2017. Since there’s still no signs of “Bristol Ridge” APUs, it seems we’ll have to wait for the last quarter of 2016 before Bristol Ridge APUs debut. Bristol Ridge is made for AM4 socket, has 4 Excavator and 8 GCN cores, PCIe third generation slot, and TDP rating between 35W and 65W.

2017 should see the launch of “Summit Ridge” and “Raven Ridge” series of desktop processors. Summit Ridge should be equipped with next gen Zen cores (8 cores with 16 threads), PCIe generation 3 capabilities, and TPD rating ranging from 65W to 95W. Looking at TDP rating, we can conclude that Summit Ridge will be serious contender to upcoming Kaby Lake CPU series from Intel.

AMD Zen Roadmap
Image Courtesy Of WCCF Tech

The last CPU series shown on roadmap is “Raven Bridge;” it sports 4 Zen cores, meaning 8 threads, and next-gen GFX cores (we don’t know how many). Of course, there’s PCIe generation 3 capabilities, and support for AM4 socket; TDP rating goes from 35W to 95W. Interesting thing is that all three series come with support for the new “Promontory Chipset” although chipset itself isn’t ready yet. AS sources claim, AMD faces certain issues with the new chipset, but it should be ready for the launch of Summit Ridge CPU series.

For the end, the last slide of the bunch shows performance of the new Zen architecture. As you can see Zen architecture should offer significant performance leap, offering more than double the performance when compared to the previous generation.

AMD ZEn Roadmap
Image Courtesy Of WCCF Tech


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