AMD disrupted the processor market earlier this year with the launch of Ryzen processors based on an entirely new architecture designed by the company over the years. While everything was going good, AMD figured out a few hardware-level issues that can’t be simply fixed by an AGESA update.

Canard PC Hardware reported that AMD is readying a new B2 stepping for the 14nm Summit Ridge eight-core CPU silicon. The stepping is expected to fix a lot of hardware issues that AMD hasn’t been able to fix via a BIOS/AGESA update. AMD has pushed a lot of AGESA updates in the past few months but a few issues are still left unresolved.

The update is expected to be coming to the uncore area, where the memory controllers along with the PCI-Express root complex sit. Making this part of the chip better will improve PCI-Express device support and memory performance.

This can be said to be the price being paid by the early adopters but it is still good to see AMD taking efforts to make their products better. The people who have recently invested in the Ryzen ecosystem will be hit the most by the B2 stepping.

AMD is about to bring a number of products under the Ryzen processor, Threadripper being the most prominent of them all. The recent reports have informed that the new lineup will come with up to 16 cores and will offer up to a whopping 40MB of total cache memory. Some rumours suggest its price to be $850, much below what Intel announced for its similar specced processors.

The X399 platform is also expected along with the processor lineup and will change the way computers work, at least for AMD. TR4 socket will be making a debut with 4094 pins, becoming the largest HEDT socket to be ever made. AMD will reportedly bring the processor and the platform in August.


  • orian brown

    I guess this will help with graphics cards and M.2 storage. Glad I’m waiting until the winter to get mine. That’s why I don’t early adapt, to many kinks to work out. Patience is a virtue in tech!

  • Alain Abrahan

    Ok so my question here is that they are going to redo the whole chip ? I mean if you buy these existing chips you are screw ?

    • SpudmanWP

      They are basically giving the chip a tuneup. They will work on existing boards.

    • shumok62

      Seems like they are already very good….so no. In another year there will even be better improvements….and you still aren’t screwed.

    • Karandeep Singh

      Yes, it is advisable to wait for some time until we hear an official word from AMD

    • shumok62

      Sorry…answered your question but they never posted it. If you are a regular user, you will never experience a problem related to the updates on the chip.

    • shumok62

      Hello…I replied on the mobipicker site but they never posted it. You are not getting screwed with these…..the Ryzens are the best choice for a typical user who is getting a new system. It’s normal for chips to get new steppings over time, you are extremely unlikely to encounter single issue related to the fixes.