As you know, AMD’s new Radeon RX 500 series graphics cards are based on what could be basically termed a respin of the existing Polaris architecture. However, as AMD earlier confirmed, the entry-level Radeon RX 550 packs a tiny new GPU (yet to be named) that was designed for notebooks as well. And now, a brand new product page for the mobile variant of said mini-GPU has silently surfaced on the official AMD website.

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If we are to go by these hints, maybe we should brace yourself for this new Polaris chip to make inroads into the realm of notebooks as the Radeon RX 540.

While we are yet to try our hands with the new Radeon RX 550, the official specs provided by AMD shed some light into the computing prowess of the mini GPU (that will power both RX 540 and RX 550).

As pointed out by the folks over at TechReport, the 101 mm²RX 540 chip is going to be half as capable as a full Polaris 11 on several fronts. For example, it has half the stream processors and texture units, although, it retains the 16 ROPs and 128-bit memory interface of its more powerful sibling. The RX 550 comes with a 50W TDP in its desktop form.

As for the mobile variant, the RX 540 will probably not be a performance monster. However, it will definitely chip in that additional, affordable graphics prowess that users could immensely benefit from — especially those who have to rely solely on the integrated GPU.

If you must compare the product with a counterpart from rival NVIDIA, you might think of the GeForce 940MX. The NVIDIA chip, in fact, looks a lot weaker compared to the RX 540 — at least theoretically. It packs

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