If you’re a frequent online shopper and an avid Amazon user, then brace yourself for an unexpected major change in your shopping experience on this very coveted platform. According to reports from the NY Times, the online e-commerce giant is slowly eliminating the listed price or the manufacturer’s retail prices from all of its products once and for all.

The users will now only see the current selling price at which the product is available from various sellers. Details such as the list price or MRP of the product and the discount at which that particular product is being offered will be omitted completely.Amazon

This strategy comes in the light of the fact that sellers had to undergo huge losses as customers had got accustomed to SALE offers throughout the year and a huge discount heavily influenced their purchasing decisions. This forced the sellers to make the products available at huge discounts throughout the year to boost the volume of their sale.

Another major reason attributed to this major strategy change is the ever-increasing number of lawsuits arising out of fake discounts and inflated list prices/ Maximum retail prices. These bogus marketing stunts have often landed Amazon in trouble and the e-commerce giant is trying to get rid of these lawsuits for good this time.

Also, Amazon is of the view that the online e-commerce industry has grown and matured enough and the buyers are no longer only motivated by huge discounts while purchasing a product. The quality of the products is of more importance rather than the discount provided on them. Also, the sellers don’t always need to provide huge discounts throughout the year just to increase the volume of their sale so that they can compensate for the discounts provided during SALEs.

Now although you won’t be able to see the discount offered on a product by Amazon, but you can still compare the prices with other online retailers. Whether this pricing strategy (or shall I call stunt?) will bear good fruits for Amazon or not is still to be seen? Let us know whether you’ll miss the discount details on your favorite e-commerce website or not.


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