Amazon Fire TV Stick Resources

I have compiled a list of must-have products for Amazon Fire TV Stick users. You may take a look and buy them directly from Amazon.

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amazon firestick resources1. Amazon FireStick / 4K / Cube

The very first thing you must have is Fire TV Stick itself. Without it, no other products on the list make sense. You can check out all the devices on Amazon by following the links below.

2. Ethernet Cable

You will need Ethernet cable to connect your Firestick directly with your modem. This will help you get faster internet connection on your streaming device. If you face buffering issues on Firestick, this simple change can make all the change.

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3. Wi-Fi Extender

If your router is far away from your Firestick and it is not possible for you to connect it using Ethernet cable, you might want to improve Wi-Fi strength on your device. A good Wi-Fi extender can help you with that problem.

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4. Mesh Router

If there are several weak Wi-Fi locations in your home, you might also want to consider upgrading your exsiting router to a solid alternate – a mesh Wi-Fi system. Amazon eero Wi-Fi mesh system can help you get a solid Wi-Fi connection in your whole house up to 5k sq ft.

Check Amazon eero Wi-Fi mesh system

5. Firestick Remote

If you lost or damaged your Firestick remote, you can alternatively use Amazon Fire TV app on Android or iOS device. But this can’t work forever. If you need to use Alexa or need to set up your Stick from scratch, you will still need the remote.

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