Amazon has recently warned merchants on their site about refusing to sell the Apple TV and Google Chromecast streaming devices, from 29 October, probably to strengthen the Fire TV, which is their own similar product, according to a latest report by Bloomberg.

AmazonFireTVThis move is clearly a demonstration of strength to prove that Amazon is indeed one of the ‘Titans’. Beyond these shocking changes, Amazon’s excuse is that they wish to sell only those devices that work well with their Amazon Prime Video.

Amazon’s actions against Google Chromecast and Apple TV will surely upset many people, who are now unable to buy content from the Amazon store of digital media. Amazon’s rather aggressive approach will surely be answered by a similarly scaled counterattack by either Google or Apple or perhaps both.

It is also probably not accidental that these changes came about just when both Apple and Google were planning on updating their streaming devices. Amazon’s ban will damage the business for both companies, but we are sure that they will find a solution to selling the same amount of products as they did before getting excluded from the popular e-commerce site.

On the other hand, Amazon’s move can also be understood to a certain level, as why would they not try to prioritize their own streaming device over those of the tough competitors.


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