Altec Lansing, the American audio electronics company headquartered in Broadway, New York is known for connecting people to sound through innovative speaker designs. From sleek wireless systems that go where you go, headphones that make your music personal to speakers that keep your phone charged – Altec Lansing has got them all.  The one that caught our attention recently is the Altec Lansing MZW300 Bluetooth Headphones.

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Altec Lansing MZW300 Bluetooth Headphones Review

We tested the MZW300 Bluetooth Headphones and we must admit that we were blown away by its performance. Priced at INR 3490 (about US $50), the MZW300 beats the other same-price-segment headphones hands down. We were amazed by the audio performance and the ultra-comfortable design of the MZW300.

Comfort and Playback

The MZW300 is ultra-light. When compared to other headphones, the comfort MZW300 gives is what sets it apart. This one’s light and breezy and gives you the freedom to roam in comfort. We were able to play, pause and personalize the audio experience with bass enhancement – all with one click! We found the one click feature really convenient – you just don’t have to go through the hassle of different controls for different playback options.

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NFC and Bluetooth Connectivity

We also tested the Near Field Communication (NFC) and Bluetooth 4.1 capabilities of this headphone and we must say we were quite impressed. We were able to pair our devices and play our favorite music without much fuss. And we certainly didn’t expect the headphones to go on non-stop for a whole 6 hrs of continuous wireless playback! But it did, and that’s quite impressive for a Bluetooth headphone.

The One-Click Solution for all your Music needs

How many times have you wanted to hear your favorite music with just one click? We yearn for this too, and we tested the one-click solution of the MZW300. Turns out this feature is actually very convenient. While we were testing the device, we got a call and guess what? One click on the headset and we’re instantly connected. After the call, all we had to do was to click again – the music resumed! Play, Pause, Stop, Forward, Backward and Volume Control – we totally love this feature!

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The Must-Have Headphone

Apart from the one-click solution, NFC and Bluetooth connectivity, the MZW300 features quality high-performance 40mm Neodymium drivers. We found the deep bass sound experience totally immersive and enjoyed clean, crisp music with no wires in sight! Small form factor but deep bass sound – that’s what the MZW300 packs in. The on-board microphone also exceeded our expectations – the voice call clarity was sparkling with high-quality omni-direction microphone.

Comfort and Multi-point Connectivity

How many times have you experienced pain in the ear lobes after wearing the headphone for quite a while? We know how it feels! So we tested the MZW300 quite extensively for comfort and ergonomics. And we were amazed. The thick foam ear cushions and the headgear are ergonomically designed and even after listening to music for one hour straight, we did not experience any kind of discomfort. And what’s more, we were able to connect two cell phones at the same time! When it comes to comfort and multi-point connectivity, the MZW300 without a doubt, takes the lead.

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Compatibility and Warranty

The MZW300 is great when it comes to compatibility as well – it’s suitable for android, PCs, Tablets, iOS and other Bluetooth devices. When you purchase the product, along with the MZW300 Bluetooth Headset, you get 1m USB cable, quick start leaflet, and warranty leaflet. Just like all Altec Lansing products, the MZW300 comes with 1-year warranty.

Our Verdict

Overall, the MZW300 is a great headphone and the one we think is definitely worth buying. At INR 3490 (about US $50), it’s not overly priced and offers great music experience. For all Bluetooth headphone buffs out there, this is one product which will amaze you!

Do let us know your experiences with the Altec Lansing MZW300 Bluetooth Headphones. Feel free to post in the comments section.


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