Allo and Duo are new communication apps from Google that were announced at the company’s I/O 2016 conference. As promised, Google is going to be releasing the apps soon and is already getting ready as the apps have now been listed on the Google Play Store. As of now, they are on pre-order and only the app icons, screenshots, and descriptions are available right now.

allo duo logo change
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One notable change that we have noticed is that the icons have been modified. The Allo app icon had originally got white letters embedded into a red icon, but gradually the icon became light grey with the letters in red. Currently, the Allo app has got a blue color icon with white letters. The same thing has happened with Duo app icon, which now has a light grey background with blue letters on it.

But what exactly is Google trying to do? Is it just playing around with the colors or is there a significance to these modifications? We don’t yet know but the new icons do complement each other very well. Anyway, let’s wait for the apps to be released and we’ll sure have a lot to explore. Meanwhile, if you cannot wait for the official launch, you can download Allo APK and Duo APK from mirror sites like, and many others.

As mentioned before, Allo and Duo were unveiled at the I/O event and are focused on providing simple and uncluttered means of communication between users. Allo is a messenger that is feature-rich, while Duo is simply a video calling app. Now that we have noticed one color change, it seems like Google is testing out different looks, designs, and colors that would look well with Allo and Duo icons. It is possible that the icons could changed more times before the official release. Stay tuned and we’ll keep you in the loop.


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