You know, we get a considerable measure of tricks on Kickstarter. This will undoubtedly occur on a platform where you can approach individuals to pay for your item before you’ve even made it. Yet, in some cases, we get some really mysterious endeavors. Enter Alien: Terraforma. Simply look at the Kickstarter page of the game.

Aliens: Terraforma
via kickstarter

Alien: Terraforma is the most recent endeavor to get individuals’ cash through a scam

The description isn’t any more supportive. It states they need to make a short motion picture and a PS game. The whole thing is essentially like this. “We need to make an Alien film and game. We have really cool prizes to offer as well.” “Really cool prizes” sounds dicey. The reward levels are all hand-made Alien collectibles. The two reports on the page are pictures of said collectibles that read like notices.

How about we look at the supposed “developer” James Chapman’s actual Facebook page. The Facebook page isn’t even a Kickstarter project. It’s an endeavor to attract individuals to his Facebook page where he offers overrated “Aliens Movie Props”. We don’t know whether we comprehend this or not. On the off chance that you need to publicize your collectibles, fine. In any case, wouldn’t utilizing some other relevant platform be better? Like Reddit, eBay or Twitter? At any rate, tell the truth on your Kickstarter page. Only straight up say what you really want.

Source: Kickstarter


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