So-called alien hunters, armed with technology and a knack for dishing out conspiracy theories that are rarely acknowledged by the scientific community, have made another startling claim about finding evidence of life on Mars.

Representational image (Via NASA)

Like many similar propositions in the past, the source of this new claim is the website Led by editor Scott C Waring, the website has posted images captured by NASA’s Curiosity rover that has been exploring the Red Planet since its landing on August 6, 2012.

In an article titled “Lizard Crawling On @NASA Mars Rover This Week: March 2017,” the author makes a seemingly bizarre claim. A claim that is unlikely to go down well with the conventional narrative that modern science has clung to after having studied Mars from up close for several decades.

The title of the article is in itself self-explanatory. It claims that an unidentified object caught in at least two snaps taken by Curiosity is actually a Martian creature that resembles a lizard with tall fin back.

“The animal looks a lot like a lizard with a tall fin back… much like one type of dinosaurs here on Earth… just much smaller,” reads the article. The author then goes claiming that a follow-up image, taken 10 minutes later (on Tuesday) showed that the creature had jumped off.

Worth noting, such claims about finding visual evidence supporting the existence of life on Mars are actually pretty common. So much so that they often don’t even invoke a response from NASA, or other competent authorities.

Here, have a look at the pictures yourself:

So, what do you think? Is it really an alien in the pictures above? Can there be a far simpler explanation that would not require us to abandon years of scientific data just like that? Do let us know in the comments below

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