Alchemix is a very addictive puzzle game that is now available on Android devices at the Google Play Store. It is definitely great for spending some of your free time on a relaxing Saturday.

Alchemix features impressive 3D visuals and a very well-constructed, fantasy-themed environment. The game allows players to solve labyrinths, control alchemy-created fluids, survive dangerous traps and craft magical crystals. You need to be fast and attentive in solving the various puzzles that Alchemix lays out smoothly for the player.

Alchemix runs on most Android devices and requires 40MB of free space on your device. The game is offered by Fontes Sp. and developed by Alexander Petrus. There are a few in-game microtransactions and supposedly make the player’s life slightly easier in Alchemix.

Some fixes have been recently added to the game, dealing with the Achievement and Leaderboard issues and some control problems.

Overall, Alchemix is a quite entertaining, free-to-play Android game that grants players the possibility to become an alchemist and conquer various well-constructed puzzles while listening to some epic music and effects.

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If you have some free time available navigate over to the Google Play Store and download this simple but great game.