The U.S. people are getting ready for the excitement that is getting build up in the 2015 season of Major League Baseball, as there is an opportunity for not to miss the exciting match between the NYCFC and LA Galaxy which will be aired across the US television channels. It is important to note that LA Galaxy is the defending champion and one of the most successful team in the history of the MLS.

Diehard sports fan who will be attending this match at Stub Hub Center will get a once in lifetime opportunity to test the Alcatel OneTouch phones Fans. Not only the fans will be able to test but also had a chance to win the devices. This event of testing Alcatel One Touch phones will start before the game and will continue during the match also.

This is possible due to an association between the Galaxy home game and the Alcatel which has been inked for many years to come. This partnership has enabled Alcatel One Touch to be the official phone and tablet of the LA Galaxy and the Stub Hub Center. The icing on the cake for Alcatel is the promotion of Alcatel One Touch device by one of the players of the LA Galaxy, whose name would probably be announced next year. Alcatel has been consistently ranked fifth largest mobile phone manufacturer in North America for second quarter by IDC.

According to Steve Cistulli, Senior VP & GM for Alcatel OneTouch of North America,

“The opportunity to partner with the LA Galaxy – our home MLS club – with such a legendary history, is very exciting as we continue to strengthen and grow our brand here in North America. By continuing our MLS investment, we’re not only able to tap into one of the youngest and most socially engaged audiences in North American professional sports, but are also able to work with the LA Galaxy to directly engage with our local community.”

However there are no financial details of this pact between the two but this pact includes “pre-game fan experiences, in-game fan engagement, social media and digital campaigns, in-game brand advertising, in-market promotions and community engagement.”


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